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These Shoes Hurt like a MF😩

How long is too long to be in a pair of uncomfortable heels?  Honey! Usually it has to be allllll the way comfortable for me to even play because I like to prance around, ok!  BUT,  I just had to wear these high ass white pumps!  They were so bad ass to me and actually weren't "that" uncomfortable when I bought them, just High!

Baby, after about an hour of prancing, I was DONE for 😂😂😂 I was so tickled at myself because I couldn't help but wobble, they hurt so bad.   All I could think to myself is just make it to the car and I hope nobody is recording me.  I wasn't even embarrassed honey because I know I slay OK!  This was just a bad choice.  A very bad choice. 😬

Let's be clear!  These shoes are for the streets!  They're some $40 hoes 😂 ok I'm done.  Seriously though, if you see me in them again, know it was only for the picture!



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