Pulling it Together

Pulling it Together

Let's be Honest, everyday is not a top of the line Peachy day!  Some days you really feel like the dirt on the bottom of your shoes.  Even in these moments you can never ever let yourself go.  Imagine throwing on anything then coming in contact with someone you've always admired?

Sure everyone has a bad day but first impressions are everything and you never get a second chance to make a first impression.  Am I saying that you should dress as if you're going to a ball or on a date every time you leave the house? No!  What I'm simply saying is regardless of how you "Feel" be sure that your image is presentable.  

Not only does looking presentable work well with making lasting impressions, it also works as a mood and confidence booster.  Think of a time when you felt like total crap and opted to put on clothes or brush your hair or maybe even get a little outside air.  After you made a change, it may not have changed the situation entirely but I can't bet at least a dollar that you felt somewhat better.  Your thoughts weren't as loud and your focus began to shift elsewhere.

Moral of the story is always look your best.  Dress your body and "Your Mind".  Get your mind prepared for the day just as you do your body.  Shower, Brush teeth, Moisturize skin, Dress up.  For the mind pray(Shower), meditate (Brush teeth), affirm yourself (moisturize skin), speak positivity(dress up).

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